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Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump

Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump Rapid Number: 233 Papatotara Rd, R.D.1, TUATAPERE view on map
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump 100% 11 user reviews 10
  • Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
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Self contained studio unit. SUITABLE FOR A COUPLE OR ONE PERSON.
Continental breakfast included in tarriff.

Kitchen, shower and toilet,alfresco bathing, if bones and muscles are a bit stiff after walking the track.
All linen provided.

Approx 2kms from Tuatapere, En Route to the Hump Ridge track and Blue cliffs beach.

Tuatapere, situated on the edge of Fiorldland National Park. Stay for a night or 2 while driving the Southern Scenic Route.

Stretch your legs, take a short peacful bush walk, listen to the native bird song.

Experence the Hump Ridge Track walk,over 3 days,take in the views sounds and bush life.

Feel so privileged to have been able to experence it.

Flights can be booked with The Helicopter Line

Jet boat rides on some of the most scenic rivers in NZ can be arranged.

Our town has everything you need, Health and Gift shop, butcher, Four Square Shop.
Information center, Locals, and a Pub.

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  • Best in District 2013
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Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wicked & wee for sure. We loved it. Everything we could possibly need for a couple of nights. Even managed to cook some famous tuatapere sausages! explored a little of the surrounding area but need to come back & do some more so you'll be seeing us again. You are wonderful hosts. Thank you for everything. . 5
    SUE LOVETT - Apr 18, 2014 (Stayed Apr 2014) Travelbug verified review
  • Great comments from nice people, sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye but happy to hear that you will be back, hope your time at Stewart Island was enjoyable, look forward to seeing you on your returns. From P.nut and Janice WWD
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Brilliant! spoilt rotten before & after walking humpridge,thanks so much janice for yummy baking & breakfast! outdoor bath was amazing for my achy muscles! we had an awesome few days,thanks again both of you. . 5
    CALLY GORDON - Mar 21, 2014 (Stayed Mar 2014) Travelbug verified review
  • Hi Cally, Have you heard from the tramper on Stewart Island.The weather has been pretty good down here so he should be having a nice time. Thank you for that great comment, you were both easy people to spoil.Some of our family were supposed to go down the river next week but its been cancelled due to not enough water. You told us it was low when you went.SUNNY DAYS IN THE DEEP SOUTH.Take care. Janice and P.Nut W.W.D.
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Really lovely little place and great hosts. 5
    JEREMY MARKHAM - Mar 5, 2014 (Stayed Feb 2014) Travelbug verified review
  • Thank you Jeremy.Hope your short stay at the Dump was enjoyable.You were away so early in the morning ,[I was still in my Pjs] that i didn't get out to say goodbye. Janice and Trevor W.W.D
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Really enjoyed our stay here, it was so wee and so cute! We were very well looked after, cosy and warm and yummy food - Thanks! 5
    HELEN MACLEOD - May 19, 2013 (Stayed May 2013) Travelbug verified review
  • Thank you Helen for making a review on the Dump.I hope your next 40 yrs treat you well.A birthday you wont forget. Janice W.W.D
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Don't miss out on this little gem, quality of accommodation is superb, really friendly hosts and Janice's home-baking is awesome. Breakfast was healthy, tasty and huge - perfect for anyone going on or coming off the Humpridge track! Can't wait to find a reason to visit Tuatapere again... 5
    LORETTA MADDOX - Jan 2, 2013 (Stayed Dec 2012) Travelbug verified review
  • Loretta and Steve,thank you for the valued comment you posted on Bookit.So exciting to find positive remarks like yours when receiving an email.It was so nice having you stay before and after the track.The weather has turned for the worst in the deep south.Cant help but think how lucky you two were.Don't wait to long for your reason to return to Tui. Janice W.W.D
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Wwd was a serendipitous discovery and a wonderful treat before our humpridge track walk. Trevor and janice are perfect hosts - warm, hospitable and friendly. The room was comfortable with its many lovely homely touches, and the food was fabulous. We'd recommend wwd to any one traveling through tuatapere and look forward to visiting again. Mike & helen, singapore. 5
    HELEN CHEE - Jan 2, 2013 (Stayed Dec 2012) Travelbug verified review
  • Thank you for your special comments.Love that word serendipitous.You could use that for the track as well.Nice to hear you were comfy at the Dump. We feel extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting both of you, and we look forward to when you visit again.Keep away from the sand flies Helen. Trevor and Janice W.W.D
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • Had a brilliant time! Thanks for all the luxuries before and after the humpridge! highly recommended :) 5
    CLAIRE GORDON - Apr 19, 2012 (Stayed Apr 2012) Travelbug verified review
  • Comments greatly received thank you.Gather you are both back at work, and looking forward to your next venture.Have friends in Dunedin at the moment, they are telling me the weather is great. as it is in the Deep South. Thank you again Janice and Trevor W.W.D.
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • We had a fabulous time at the Wicked Wee Dump (staying before and after The Humpridge Track last week). So So comfy and the BEST Melting Moments i've ever tasted!!! The breakfast were very generous and it is very well equipped with lovely touches thru'out. Definitely be recommending the WWD! (Janice, we enjoyed some mushrooms we picked on Sunday morning too!) All the very best. MIke & Bernie Wellington 5
    Bernadette Knaggs - Mar 9, 2012 (Stayed Feb 2012) Travelbug verified review
  • With comments like this we will be getting a head swell.Its meeting people like yourselves that make having a B&B so enjoyable.Let me know if you would like the recipe for melting moments.Thank you for your cool comments. Janice and Trevor [P.Nut] W.W.D. P.S.Hope you had a great time with your friends in Wanaka.
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • A wonderful place to stay. Janice and her husband were so welcoming. The cabin was perfect, location also great for Humpridge track. Fully endorse as great place to stay! Catherine, Bristol, UK. 5
    Catherine Clark - Jan 13, 2011 (Stayed Jan 2011) Travelbug verified review
  • Thank you Catherine. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us.Gather you have found your way home, and settling the Palmy boy into Bristol life.You had the best weather for tramping the track,so we hope you have taken home the best memories of the Deep South.Hope Andrews leg is back to normal. Janice and P.Nut [Trevor]. Wicked Wee Dump.
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump
  • We really enjoyed our stay at the Wicked Wee Dump. We wish we could of stayed longer. Enjoyed our breakfast before heading off. to tramp the Hump Ridge Track we wish we had more time to enjoy our stay. Loved the little extras that helped to make a comfortable atmostphere. Tom left his glasses under the chair if you can use them you are most welcome too. They were just a cheap pair not worth posting them back to us. Thank-you 5
    Karen and Tom Greenem - Apr 12, 2010 Travelbug verified review
  • Karen and Tom,we love getting feedback,but yours was especially welcome considering the weather we turned on for you on the Saturday.We were thinking of you all day.P.Nuts comment about how we dont get rain like they do in Milford,how far off the mark was that.I will put Toms glasses in the Dump for an added extra,someone may be able to use them.Great that you chose to stay with us.Thank yo
    Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump

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