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How does Travelbug work?
Travelbug allows you to split the cost of your accommodation over eight automatic and interest free installments.
Who can use Travelbug?
To qualify to use Travelbug, you must be 18 years of age, hold a valid New Zealand credit or debit card, and be a New Zealand resident.
Does it cost to use Travelbug interest free travel?
There are no subscription or sign up costs for using our Travelbug product. We split the cost of accommodation over eight installments. A service fee is charged at the checkout, this fee is minimal and also split over eight installments.
What do I need to complete my application?
To apply for Travelbug interest free travel, you must:
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be a resident of New Zealand
  • Hold a New Zealand debit or credit card (either Mastercard or Visa)
Why have I not been approved?
Some common reasons for not being approved are:
  • You are not 18 years old or over
  • You are not a New Zealand resident
  • Your first credit or debit card installment failed
Please call our team on 0800 885 248 if none of these circumstances apply to you.
When can I go on my trip?
You can stay any time after you have confirmed your booking and made your second installment. If you are in a rush, you can make your first AND second installment at the confirmation stage – meaning you can stay at your chosen accommodation straight away.
Why is there an R next to the accommodation I want to book?
This R means the accommodation is available on request. When booking this room an email to confirm your booking will be sent to the accommodation provider, once confirmed or declined you will receive an email, and an installment will be taken from your nominated payment source. Please note this acceptance usually occurs within 24 hours.
What does booking subject to confirmation mean for me?
Our accommodation providers have the ability to sell their rooms on request. This means once you have chosen a room you would like you book a request is sent through to the accommodation. These requests are normally responded to within 24 hours of you requesting the booking.
How do I know if my requested booking has been accepted?
Once the accommodation provider has either accepted or declined your request you will receive an email notification. This is usually within 24 hours of the request being made. If you have been waiting more than 24 hours please either call us (Mon-Fri 9-5) or the accommodation provider directly.
Is there any difference in my installment schedule if I book an on request room?
There is no difference between the installment schedule of an on request booking and an instant booking. When you go through the checkout process you will not receive confirmed dates of the installments, however you will see these split over eight installment. This is as your first installment will process after the accommodation provider accepts your requested booking. You will be sent a full detailed installment schedule once the booking has been confirmed.
Why has $1 been charged to my card?
If you have made an on request booking during the pre-authorisation process of your card $1 may be shown as pending against your account connected to your nominated payment source. Please recognise that this will remain pending for 24 hours, however will never be charged.
How much can I spend with Travelbug?
Your booking can be worth a maximum total value of $1200 (i.e. eight installments of $150). If you are wanting to spend more than this limit please contact our team on 0800885248.
How is my Travelbug limit determined?
Each customer booking accommodation through Travelbug has the same credit limit, this does not vary from customer to customer.
How many bookings can I make with Travelbug?
You are able to make as many bookings on Travelbug as you like, but remember, your account cannot go over the $1,200 credit limit.
When will my first installment be taken?
Your first installment will be taken immediately once you confirm your booking. From here, installments will be made on the same day of the week until the full amount is repaid (for example: if you book on Tuesday, your installments will be taken on Tuesdays for the next seven weeks).
Is my banking information safe?
Yes! We are PCI compliant, which means your credit or debit card details are processed securely. PCI standards are a comprehensive list of requirements set to maximise cardholder data security, ensuring the safe handling and storage of sensitive customer credit card information and data. It's worth noting that no credit or debit card details are stored with Travelbug.
Will my installments come off my designated card automatically?
Yes, Travelbug will automatically take an installment from your default payment method on that date.
Can I change my automatic installment date?
No sorry, you can't change your installment date once you've confirmed your booking.
How does the installment schedule work?
Travelbug will automatically take installments on the same day of the week until the full amount is repaid. For example: if you book on a Tuesday, installments will be taken on that initial Tuesday, then on Tuesdays for the next seven installments. If you opt to make two installments at the initial booking stage (in order to be able to stay at your accommodation 24 hours later) your weekly installments will only repeat until the total eight installments are repaid.
What do I do when an automatic installment fails?
You will be notified by our team if an installment fails. You are able to make any overdue installments via your dashboard. If you need any help with this process please call our customer service team on 0800885248 or send an email on support@bookit.co.nz
What happens if I miss an installment?
If you have insufficient funds in your account on the automatic installment date, a $10 late fee will be charged if you fail to make that installment within 7 days. We will get in touch via email before the installment is due to remind you to keep some money in your account, and will also let you know if that installment fails. You are required to rectify this missed installment.
Why have I been charged a late installment fee?
If you have insufficient funds in your account on the automatic installment date, a $10 late fee will be charged if you fail to rectify this overdue installment within seven days.
Why is my booking being declined?
When approving a booking we go through a few checks to determine if:
  • Your total booking amount is $1,200 or under
  • You are a New Zealand resident
  • You have a valid NZ credit or debit card
  • You are over 18
If you're booking is compliant with all of these checks please call our team on 0800885284 and we will look into your specific booking.
Which payment methods does Travelbug accept?
We accept all valid New Zealand Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards.
What happens if I suffer unforeseen financial hardship?
If a user has suffered hardship they could not reasonably have seen coming resulting in an inability to reasonably meet installments, and believes they would be able to meet their you may apply for hardship variation. Please refer to our terms and conditions for our hardship policy process.
What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
Firstly make sure you follow your bank's lost or stolen process and then please contact us on 0800885248 as soon as possible.
What will appear on my bank statement?
Currently, your bank statement will show "Bookit.co.nz". Don't be alarmed that it doesn't say Travelbug – Bookit is just the name of our payment management system. In the upcoming months, we will update this process to show the operator's name and your booking number (e.g. Jimmy's Hotel 7283391) instead.
Can I call and speak to someone?
You sure can. Our customer service team is here Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. You can get in touch with them on 0800885284
I’m an operator. Do I get paid over eight weeks, or in full?
Nothing will change, how we currently pay you will stay the same. You will be paid in full on the Thursday after your customer completes their stay. For example, if they check out on Friday July 1st, you will receive full payment for that booking on Thursday 7th July.
How do I sign-up?
There are a couple of ways to add a listing on Travelbug including:
  • On the header of the Travelbug website there is a button ‘Add a Listing’ once you go through this sign-up process and your listing is approved by our team your accommodation will be bookable.
  • Otherwise click this link to begin your sign-up process now https://business.bookitsecure.com/register/
You will notice you are redirected to Bookit.co.nz. This is our backend booking and payment software used to manage your bookings.
How do I manage cancellations and refunds?
When creating your Bookit account you will be prompted to enter a cancellation policy. This policy is fully customisable and will be honoured by Travelbug. If you are an existing Travelbug customer your current cancellation policy will stand.
When making a listing why must I sign-up to Bookit.co.nz?
Bookit.co.nz is our booking management and payment software. The software is owned by Travelbug and is fully PCI compliant. This software allows us to manage all payments from the customer to you. There are no extra charges when signing up to this software.