Booking through Travelbug allows you to spread the cost of your accommodation over 8 weekly payments, completely free of interest.

Am I Eligible?

To qualify for Travelbug interest free travel. you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Over 18 years old

    Over 18 years old

  • NZ driver's license

    Current NZ driver's license

  • Valid credit card

    Valid New Zealand debit or credit card

Fees Explained Further

Travelbug charges no membership fees, no sign-up fees, and no interest on your payments.

We charge a small service fee that allows us to operate our platform and to provide you with support. We also charge PPF on bookings to cover any transaction charges we incur.

This way, we can keep the cost of your accomodation as low as possible.

Our goal is to make travel easy and affordable for all New Zealanders.

Interest 0%
Monthly Fee $0
Annual Fees $0
Sign Up Fees $0
Late Payment $10

Booking Process

  • 1. Browse our website and select accommodation

  • 2. Pay for your travel over 8 automatic payments

  • 3. Travel anytime after your second payment

Start Searching

Approval in under a Minute

Your NZ driver's license allows us to perform a credit check todetermine whether you qualify for Travelbug interest free travel

If you are over 18, a New Zealand resident and hold a valid New Zealand debit or credit card you can book instantly and travel any time after your second payment.

Manage your payments online

The Travelbug dashboard allows you to manage payments right here

Keeping track of upcoming payments, charging cards and viewing your payments schedule are just a matter of a few clicks.

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