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Scoff & Quaff Tours
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  • Scoff & Quaff Tours
  • Scoff & Quaff Tours
  • Scoff & Quaff Tours
  • Scoff & Quaff Tours
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*** Christchurch’s premier craft beer & food tours ***

Scoff & Quaff Tours bring you all-inclusive craft beer tours in Christchurch, taking in craft breweries, pubs and showcasing local artisan food.

We are the original beer tour company in this region who offer a driving tour to Christchurch’s best breweries and brewpubs.

You drink, we drive. We reckon that’s a pretty good way to do it!

Whether you’re fascinated by the world of brewing craft beers, or you simply wish to enjoy an awesome drinking and eating tour in New Zealand’s re-emerging city of Christchurch – we have the ideal Scoff & Quaff Tour for you.

We’ve carefully selected a range of craft breweries and artisan food suppliers based around the city to ensure you get to sample some of Christchurch’s premier produce. You’ll also get an interesting insight into brewing beer and some of its key local ingredients.
Our all-inclusive tours incorporate a personal guide, your tour transportation, a visit to a working brewery, oodles of beer tastings, and plates of delicious food.

Experience the rich history of Christchurch in an entirely new way as you sample your way through the city on a taste journey filled with delicious craft beers and artisan foods.

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