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Great Lake Shuttles

Great Lake Shuttles 69 Ngamotu Road, Hilltop , Taupo view on map
Great Lake Shuttles
  • Great Lake Shuttles
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Great Lake Shuttles provides Mountain Bike Trail Shuttle services to Mountain Bike trails around the Taupo area and Further afield (Depending on numbers). WE all also have Mountain Bikes available for Hire.
We offer two options for the shuttle services: 1 way or Return:
1 Way , we will pick you up at a place specified buy you(normally at one end of a Trail, then we will take you and you bike (we have a trailer that carries 12 bikes) to the other end of the trail so you can ride back to your vehicle.

Option 2 Return
We pick you (and your bike) up either at your accommodation or at a place requested by you and take you to the starting point of the trail, then we will pick you up at the other end and drop you off at your accommodation or pick up point.

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