Katoa Lake Rotorua

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Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Katoa Lake Rotorua
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Experience the excitement and exhilaration of a Jet Boat Tour on Lake Rotorua. V8 powered boats, skilled drivers and stunning scenery combine to provide one of the areas most popular adventure activities.

If ever a tourism operator lived up to its catch-cry of speed, spins and adrenaline, You'll only have to look at the smiley faces of passengers who've embarked from the big yellow boat to know they've had an awesome experience.

We offer an endless range of activities, combining sight seeing and the cultural aspects of the surrounding area with speed, spins and adrenalin. People of all ages and large groups are welcome to step aboard and cruise with us across the waters of Lake Rotorua.

Also on offer is Parasailing . Katoa Lake Rotorua operates a purpose built Parasailing boat . Either triple, tandem or solo ten minute flights on Scenic Lake Rotorua.
These are two great products to experience in Rotorua , so Book online or step onto a big yellow Katoa jet at Rotorua's lakefront throughout the day,or Parasailing, located only minutes from the town centre.

1. How fast does the Jet boat go?
The Jet boat can reach speeds up to 85km an hour, so pretty fast!

2. Does it get very rough out on the lake?
Lake Rotorua is usually quite calm but this is New Zealand's most unpredictable lake and we have reported up to 3 metre swells before!

3. How long before departure should I be there?
10 minutes

4. How old do you need to be to go on a trip?
Kawarau Jet has no age restrictions and it is quite safe and a lot of fun for kids. We have taken 3-month old babies out on the lake!

5. Can seniors take part?

6. Will I get wet?
Very likely! But it does depend on where you sit in the boat and we do have spray jackets available if you don't want to get wet.

7. How many people can go on the boat?
Kjet 3 can take 11 people, Kjet 4 takes 18 and Kjet 5 has room for 25 people. so we comfortably take 50 people at once.

8. Can I fall out of the boat?
No, falling out of the boat is very unlikely. The driver will explain what to do and what not to do to prevent falling out

Katoa Lake Rotorua
  • Really amazing people who work there. Really know their stuff and really friendly. 5
    TONI STUCK - Sep 21, 2015 (Stayed Sep 2015) Travelbug verified review
  • Thanks so much for your feedback. We are really pleased you enjoyed your time with us. The trip is awesome and so are our drivers. Kind Regards Fiona kelly
    Katoa Lake Rotorua

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