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Morrinsville Motel
  • Morrinsville Motel
  • Morrinsville Motel
  • Morrinsville Motel
  • Morrinsville Motel
  • Morrinsville Motel
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Great accommodation, great service and affordable.

Morrinsville Motel is our refurbished Waikato motel. We welcome groups and families. Located in a delightful, peaceful part of New Zealand, our Morrinsville accommodation provides special, quality service.

Morrinsville Motel has completely refurbished all rooms with style. Offering 17 quiet and spacious rooms which are all non-smoking.

* 13 studios sleeping two to three
* Three one-bedroom units sleeping five to six
* One two bedroom unit sleeping five to six

The architecturally designed units of this Morrinsville accommodation feature some rooms with fully equipped kitchens, all with tea and coffee making facilities, fridge, shower, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, heating and electric blankets.
All rooms have microwaves and flat screen TVs local and Sky channels. Cooked and continental breakfasts are available.

We have a swimming pool and spa pool complex. There is ample off street parking.

Morrinsville Motel is only a 200 metre walk to restaurants and cafes and 2.5 kilometres to Morrinsville's 18-hole golf course. 20 minute drive to Hamilton.

  • 100% Guest Reviews 2015
  • Breakfasts
  • Check-in Time: 2:00pm
  • Check-out Time 10:00am
  • Eftpos
  • Fax
  • Free parking
  • Freeview
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • High Speed wireless internet
  • Highchair
  • Internet Access
  • Luggage Storage
  • Non Smoking
  • Parking - Free
  • Parking - Off street
  • Serviced Rooms Daily
  • Shower Facilities
  • Sky TV
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Wheelchair Access
Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
  • Feedback MORRINSVILLE: Overall we did not enjoy our 5 days stay in this place due to the following reasons: ROOM - every time we leave the ROOM and go back in, The room has a strong bad smell (mixture of old curry/foot/fish odour) despite utilising perfume spray around the room. However, once you stayed inside the room our sense of smell seems to adjust to the bad smell. The room is not good for long term stay because it doesn’t have any drawer where you can keep the clothes/items. It only has one bedside table between the single bed and the twin bed. The TV is attached on the wall on the right side of the bed which made it awkward to watch TV. The SKY only has 5 channel with two movie channel (Premier and Extra), no kids channel and some movies cannot be watch as it is asking for a pin number. The WIFI is awfully slow, unable to download several photos/video and cannot watch watch the online movies. BED - The bed/linen is quite itchy, we had to buy bug spray and we use this on the bed and it seems to help. So everyday I had to spray the bed with it to prevent us from itching. KITCHEN only contained very very basic item (2 each set) with small amount of dish liquid none refillable. The hot plate has a strong heat which burns the food easily despite using the lowest level of heat. No exhaust fan by the cooking area, so during and after cooking, the room is filled with smoke despite leaving the windows open. BATHROOM the mirror is far away from the sink and shelf area. Therefore it is hard to apply make-up because there is no shelf by the mirror to place small items. STAFF or ?Manager @Reception was not friendly and not easy to approach. Her tone of voice was sarcastic when we asked to use the spa. Noticeably Good/Positive: The entire area is well maintained, they have daily house keeping who provides clean towel and collect the rubbish. The house keeping lady is quite friendly and polite. The Spa is quite nice, very private and fully covered. They have a descent size twin bed with a single bed and it has a mini self contained kitchen with two hot plate, very clean and tidy. The room has a tall wheely closet which has an extra blanket, a hanger, iron and ironing board. They have a sky movie/sports and free wifi. The bed is old but comfortable. The bathroom is big and clean, they provide a small sachet of shampoo with small soap , towels and face cloth. The shower has strong pressure, quite nice to use. The domestic/cleaner lady is very friendly and always asking us if we need more supplies (towels etc) 2
    Tel Tech Guy - Oct 18, 2019 (Stayed Sep 2019) Travelbug verified review
  • Giovanni, At no time during your stay did you ever mention there was a strong smell in your room, in fact my staff were not allowed in your room to do our daily servicing. Had you permitted us to get in the room we would not have known there was a problem and obviously would have changed your sheets if you felt there was a problem.Motels check for bed bugs with special equipment and we do not have bed bugs. The TV is attached to the wall in front of the leather couch. Yes we only have 5 Sky Channels and when a pin number is asked for, it is SKYTV who block all motels from seeing the films. Our kitchen areas are very basic but adequate for short stays such as yours, had you needed extra equipment our office is open 7am until 8pm daily. I am sorry you felt I was being sarcastic, however, it is my job to carefully explain "Communal SPA POOL use" to keep our guests safe. In fact, we ask all our guests to notify us immediately of any concerns they have as soon as they arise. Best regards Management.
    Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
  • The Unit was modern, very competitively priced, very spacious and very very comfortable; the Hosts were cordial and friendly. Whilst Morrinsville is a long way from Wellington, we hope to return before too long! 5
    LANCE KEVEY - Dec 15, 2018 (Stayed Dec 2018) Travelbug verified review
Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
  • Highly disappointed with the lack of clear communication. We have two staff that is working in Morrinsville and with only two motels the accommodation options are limited. I received an email from the Morinsville MOtel mentioning that they not hosting the same people again, after requesting an explanation I received no further explanations. The email was blunt, impersonal and had no explanations. I am really disappointed with the hotel management and customer care. 1
    EM AUCAMP - Sep 24, 2018 (Stayed Sep 2018) Travelbug verified review
  • We are essentially a service town and cater to workers and contract staff every night of the week. Basic and considerate cleanliness is expected.We did ask if the internet rebooking were they same guys as the two day stay the week before, answer back was yes, and so further explanation was emailed to the booker. Sorry but we need to maintain standards for our valued guests.
    Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
  • The Gentleman at reception was absolutely lovely however the lady was not as friendly quite disapointing. 3
    MISTY MANU - Apr 9, 2018 (Stayed Mar 2018) Travelbug verified review
  • I am sorry you felt this way, had my husband realized when you asked to use our hose that you intended to do a full car wash while other guests were siting nearby enjoying late afternoon socialising in the sun, he too would have said, " sorry, no full car washing and not at this time of day". Morrinsville is on water restrictions, not that you were to know that but a car wash facility is less than 5 minutes from the motel and had you asked he would have directed you there. We do have to adhere to council regulations and consider other guests.
    Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel
Morrinsville Motel

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