Bali accommodation

General info

Bali is a predominantly Hindu island in Indonesia with a beautiful climate and plenty to see and do for all types of travellers.

Things you must see & do

Bargain hunters and night owls should head West to Kuta - a thriving shopping Mecca full of high end stores, bustling markets and pounding nightclubs.

Families might want to head to quieter Sanur where there’s a wide range of accommodation options, a nice long beach and quality restaurants offering great food at about a third of the price you’d pay in New Zealand. High flyers might want to stay somewhere flash in Nusa Dua.

Drive a couple of minutes out of the main centres and you’ll be surrounded by vast rice fields, temples and countless beaches. As you head through smaller villages, you’ll spot Kodak moments galore like locals making offerings to their Hindu gods, carving masks or carrying huge amounts of food on their head.

Insider tips

Get a feel for traditional Balinese culture by taking part in a quick workshop at Mekar Bhuana – a Balinese Music and Dance centre run by a Kiwi expat and his Balinese wife. They’ll also let you know when and where all the local festivals are happening.

If you’re keen to get under the water, the diving’s good at Nusa Lembongan.

More at home above the water? Then head to the Bhukit peninsula, where the surfing’s great.

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