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Open Hours: Everyday the sun shines.

- Excellent commentary
- Six Different Glaciers
- 100% Five star reviews
- Only Glacier tour company in Hokitika for a less crowded experience.


At the core of our success are our highly trained people with their positive can-do attitude, top-quality helicopters and support equipment, and the robust systems and processes that keep everyone safe on the job while providing our clients with outstanding customer service.

Map & Directions

535 Whitcombe Valley Road, HOKITIKA, 7881, New Zealand


- 25mins East of Hokitika, adjacent to the Hokitika Gorge.
- 3.5 Hour drive from Christchurch city.

Cancellation Policy

Minimum numbers and Seating Allocation
All helicopter flights are sold on a per seat , shared basis where you may be placed on a flight with other passengers not included in your booking.

‘Private’ flights are dedicated to your booking only; you will not be placed on a flight with passengers from another booking.

Customers may contact Precision Helicopters to book a private flight if a shared flight is not suitable.

Please note private flights are individually quoted.

Aircraft type & seating positions are allocated on the day of the flight once all passengers have been weighed and checked in.

Seating allocation is based on a weight & balance calculation and at the discretion of the ground crew or pilot in command to ensure the safe carriage of all passengers.

Any refunds will be processed minus applicable booking fee.

Weight Restrictions and Helicopter Limitations
For legal and safety reasons, all passengers are weighed prior to boarding the helicopter.

All flights are subject to the aircraft operating within its weight and balance/performance limitations as specified in the aircraft flight manual and the Company Operations Manual. The Robinson R22 have a maximum seat limitation of 109kg (240lbs)

Accurate individual passenger weights MUST be provided at the time of booking. Failure to provide accurate weights may result in the passenger(s) being unable to fly. This is all based on safety and will never be compromised. Precision Helicopters reserve the rights to reschedule flights if inaccurate weights are provided.

Flight Routes
Precision Helicopters always seek to deliver our flights as described in any of our advertising material or flight confirmations; however sights, flight paths and flight times may vary due to weather, air traffic control, or pilot discretion. Flights may still operate in overcast or light drizzle provided visibility is good.

Privacy Policy
Air Precision T/A Precision Helicopters will maintain all information in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards.

Air Precision T/A Precision Helicopters will not disclose (sell, share or divulge) any personal information such as e-mail address, residential address, telephone numbers, to any third parties unless we have been authorised by you or are required to do so by law.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement please feel free to contact us.

Bushfire & Flood Emergencies:
Due to ongoing arrangements with Government departments, Precision Helicopters reserves the right to postpone a flight if the aircraft is required by these agencies. Precision Helicopters will reschedule the flight where possible, in agreement with both parties.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy are current as of 11th March 2022

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