Florence accommodation

General info

Florence is awe-inspiring. It’s one of those cities where there simply aren’t the words to describe how beautiful it is. The regional capital of Tuscany, Florence is the home of the Italian Renaissance and has a rich history of fine art and culture.

When you walk along the cobble stone streets, the stunning architecture and grandiose buildings are a constant reminder of the status and importance this spectacular city once held.

Things you must see & do

Must dos include a visit to the Duomo di Firenze, this beautiful cathedral is a symbol of the city; a trip to the Galleria degli Uffizi where you can view some of the most famous works of art by Italian artists including Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli; and take in the exquisite panorama of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo.

When visiting Florence it’s also worth taking a day trip to one of the medieval towns in the surrounding Tuscan countryside. San Gimignano is one of the best - it’s a small medieval hill top town that oozes Tuscan charm.

Your life will be richer after experiencing all that Florence and the surrounding region has to offer.

Insider tips

Driving in the historic centre (‘viale’) of the city is prohibited, except for residents – enforcement cameras will take your picture and track you down, so stay clear. Traffic police and cameras in Florence are highly vigilant, so drive carefully and keep to the speed limits.

Most of the main attractions are within walking distance, so generally it’s easier and less risky to ‘beat the feet’.

Check out the free show in the evenings in front of the Uffizi, where performance artists often busk. From music, to dance, to performance, it’s well worth strolling past on your way to a late dinner

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