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Finding the perfect place to relax, unwind, re-energize and most importantly sleep in peace has been made easy by Sai Group of Motels. Whether you are looking for a place to accommodate your whole family, individual or are on a romantic gateway, we have got you covered. Sai Group of Motels is a firm that has put together several types of motels, hotels, inns, lodges into one place to help improve their services and offer more to customers. In our hands, everything will be taken care of to ensure you get the best services in every facility in our catalog.

The facilities are in different areas to enable us to cover a wider area while providing the best. At first many of the facility owner’s didn’t like our approach but after a series of meetings and discussions, we were able to get them on board. Under our banner, every facility undergoes a series of inspection to ensure the services are the best. We start by checking the cleanness level, checking the food, customer support and most importantly are the facilities secure. The latter is essential since no one would like to stay in an unsecured place. At first, the inspection is done without your knowledge. After the first inspection, our team will offer you feedback on ways to improve your facility to reach the best level. Please note we are still accepting applications for facilities that want to join Sai Group of Motels.

Map & Directions

385 Great South Rd, Greenlane/Ellerslie, New Zealand, 1051


Cancellation Policy

I agree to pay a cancellation fee of 1 night room charge to Sai Motels - Greenlane Auckland if I cancel with less than 2 days (i.e. 48 hours) notification prior to check-in.

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